The Suck It

Waste Debris Filter

The Suck It waste debris filter is a screening hose attachment designed to reduce persistent hose clogs. This necessary accessory allows septage to flow into your truck but keeps out large objects that block the hose.

If your business pumps the latrines found at parks and campgrounds, you know that people will throw just about anything in open-pit toilets. Not to mention all the “flushable” products on the market today and discarded trash that finds its way into residential tanks. This leads to wasted time stopping and starting your vacuum, detaching the hose, and unblocking the hose, all of which costs your company time and money. It also saves time on disposal, keeping unwanted debris out of treatment facilities and land application sites.

Custom milled out of solid aluminum billets, these filters are built to handle your toughest jobs. The Suck It is designed to last, with side walls roughly a quarter-inch thick. The aluminum body is naturally corrosion resistant, impermeable, durable, odorless, and infinitely recyclable. It looks good and performs even better.

The Suck It attachment fits into your standard 3-inch suction hose.

  • Weight: 1 lb 7.4 oz
  • Base Width: 3.20 in
  • Head Width: 3.50 in
  • Height: 7.49 in

Tank Pumping at Sand Lake Beach

See the Suck It in action!

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